Shipping is a 24/7 business, so is the support for Dieseltune IV.

Digitecs’ support staff is available 24 hours per day via telephone or E-mail.

All design and development of Hardware and Software is done “in-house” so current staff have an intimate knowledge of all aspects of Dieseltune IV.

We have experience from more than 300 installations on 1000+ engines and keep records of readings from all engines tested, this means that as well as knowing the Dieseltune IV system, we also have a huge “bank” of recorded Engine problems and causes.

Customers are welcome to send us readings of suspected engine problems for a “second opinion”.

Free software upgrades are available through the life of a version.

As Dieseltune IV has just been introduced, this version is anticipated to be current for several years.

Dieseltune IV also has built in interactive system support, each time a reading is taken, the system goes through an automatic diagnostic routine. If a problem is diagnosed, the user is notified, and a probable cause or solution is suggested.

A full help facility is built in, including a section showing common engine problems detected by Dieseltune and their cause.


There are no annual fees or contracts required for Dieseltune IV support.